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Body Boost Bed

PBM light therapy

Body Boost Bed is a full body photobiomodulation therapy

(PBM Therapy).

BBB is medically certified device that uses blue, red, and

near-infrared light to treat injuries, reduce pain, relax

muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation, anti-ageing &


There are more than 4,500 studies and more than 700 clinical trials on humans

proving the benefits of photobiomodulation.

Clinically proven to:

Relieve pain

Targets the root cause of pain instead of suppressing the symptom, including muscle and joint pain, arthritis.

Reduce inflammation

Stimulates the body’s natural anti-inflammatory molecules and help your body heal more effectively.

Repair skin

Enhances skin elasticity and production of collagen for an anti-ageing effect, and speed up healing of wounds and scars.

Improve immunity

Releases nitric oxide and melatonin for powerful antimicrobial effect, and helps prevent infection by viruses and bacteria.

Regain performance

Increases blood flow, making more oxygen available to accelerate muscle recovery and performance. Reduces onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Promote anti-aging

Energizes skin cells to increase collagen and elastin for the whole body.



Increases circulation, increases immune system, repairs the muscle & tissue, reduces pain, and/or restores normalcy to an otherwise impaired biological process.

Sport recovery

Reduces muscle damage, pain, and atrophy, as well as increases muscle mass, recovery, and athletic performance in sports medicine and rehabilitation programs.

Sport Recovery
Anti aging woman

Anti-ageing & wellbeing

Increase your collagen, elastin, skin texture, reduce lines and wrinkles. BBB instantly energises skin cells to increase collagen & elastin for the whole body. This treatment offers long lasting results, stimulating the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes to promote healthy looking skin, accelerate cell renewal and resolve a range of skin concerns.

What clients say

The Body Boost Bed is a full-sized ‘bed’ that does not emit any thermic

energy (it does not get hot). You can rest comfortably as you lay down

from head to toe in our Body Boost Bed, receiving LED treatment for

overall improvement of your skin, muscles and other body tissue. From

dermatological benefits to healing, the Body Boost Bed is an all-encompassing treatment.

Dr Anh Nguyen

Plastic surgeon

The bed has lived up to the scientific predictions. All our clients have experienced enhanced wellness and just about all of them are keeping up weekly treatments. All the staff uses it and I like the return on investment – especially as it requires no labor, except sanitizing after each client visit.

Lesley Morgan-Wesson


I have been using the Body Boost Bed for the last four weeks, in this time I have noticed an improvement in my skin firmness- especially on my inner and outer thighs. I have also found that I have more energy and reduction in my stress levels.









Want to learn more about

Body Boost Bed?

You can only learn so much from a website, you need to talk to someone and ask the relevant questions for your needs. Perhaps you have specific questions or general questions about Body Boost Bed, how people use it for there benefits, or how it works exactly? We are here to answer and help you make your decision. Talk to us and we will make sure that you know everything you need to know about Body Boost Bed PBM light therapy.