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LED Photon Light Therapy

It may sound hard to believe, but modern technology has finally allowed us to harness something that’s been around since the beginning of life on earth – the healing properties of natural light energy. All living cells need light to survive – the LED Photon Light Therapy works to replenish our body’s natural light frequencies, support our immune system and keep our cells in good repair – just as sunlight does in nature.

The energy we receive from light is one of the most fundamental elements required for life on earth – along with Air, Water and Nutrients. Virtually all-living organisms need light energy to survive. Without sufficient light these same organisms would weaken and eventually die. However, despite this fact, we continually underestimate the importance of light to our own health and wellbeing. Perhaps because the negative effects of a deficiency of light are not so rapidly obvious, or perhaps we simply assume we’re all getting enough light exposure during our daily time spent outdoors – but are we really?

LED Photon Light Therapy


Light is Life… We absorb light through our skin, which our bodies utilise on a cellular level, such as powering the internal engine of our cells (called the ‘Mitochondria’).

Our cells also emit light (referred to as ‘Bio-photons’) and once you understand that our cells are continually absorbing and emitting light – just as we are continually absorbing and emitting air, water and nutrients, it’s a relatively simple notion that we all need sufficient light exposure each and every day or a deficiency can result. If this deficiency becomes prolonged, it can have negative effects on our health and wellbeing – just as real and significant as those caused by a deficiency of air, water, or nutrients. While the negative effects of a deficiency of light energies may take weeks, months or even years to materialise, they are nonetheless very genuine and need to be taken seriously. If you’re not getting regular and sufficient exposure to natural light energy, then your health and wellbeing could be suffering, and you should consider taking steps to supplement this vital element on a regular basis.

The ‘Body Boost Bed’ LED Photon Light Therapy –has been developed for this specific purpose and is now helping people all over the world by providing the additional light frequencies their bodies were missing to naturally support and assist them to Feel Better with More Energy, Less Stress and Less Pain!