Patient preparation for treatment:

Before first treatment patient will be given instruction how to use the bed and assistance during treatment. In the process of preparing for therapy, prior to the first treatment, the patient will be provided with questionnaires to fill in with the aim of increasing the safety of treatment and monitoring the results achieved.

Device preparation for treatment:

After each treatment, the device is thoroughly cleaned with a strong disinfectant, which excludes the possibility of transmitting bacteria and viruses. Because during the treatment the patient is fully undressed room in which the device is located should be adequately heated and the device itself has a heating body and a fan that allows creating a pleasant atmosphere for the patient during the treatment.


The treatment process itself is very simple. Body Boost Bed is designed with a Contoured Base for maximum easy access and enables patients to slide easily in and out of the Bed unassisted. The patient lies on an anatomically designed device plate, the timer on the top panel turns on and after that the top panel is brought to the lowered position and phototherapy begins.
During a treatment patient need to be fully undressed, which should not be a problematic because the fact that use of the device is very simple and after the first treatment, the patient is trained to use the device independently, thereby minimizing the inconvenience during the treatments period.
Duration of the treatment is 25 min or less depending of the protocol used for specific patient.
Treatment with Body Boost Bed device is non-invasive and non-thermal.

Support from our medical team:

When you decide to purchase the Body Boost Bed as a medical professional you will immediately receive complete support from our scientific – medical team that will provide you with clinical protocols for treatment of diseases and health states that can be treated with Body Boost Bed phototherapy device and scientific papers that are collected or will be collected as a Body Boost Bed scientific support. If you express your interest to participate in clinical studies organized by our scientific – medical team or you decide to organize your own medical data record and treatment results follow up, or even your own clinical study, our scientific – medical team can support you in the field of your expertise.
If you are planning to purchase Body Boost Bed for personal use our medical team will examine your medical record and advice you about benefits that you can expect using Body Boost Bed phototherapy device, bearing in mind the limitations conditioned by the documentation language.