Nurse Says: Body Boost Bed Increases Healing

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Healing greatly improved & overall Health Improved

Hi my name is Helen & I have worked in heavy job nursing all my life approx. 38 years.

I was involved in a car accident as a child and had multiple fractures. Being a keen cyclist I have added to some of my injuries. Before using the Body Boost Bed I had been feeling very old at only 54yrs, so I decided to try the Body Boost Bed.

After 10 treatments I noticed an increase in energy and I do not have to take pain medicine regularly anymore.

My overall health & healing capabilities has improved.

I have also noticed improvements in my skin on both face and body.

As a shift worker it is important to keep on top of your health and I feel the Body Boost Bed treatments have done this for me!

If you are in any discomfort I would recommend to try the Body Boost bed for a series of treatments and make your own evaluation of its value.


Helen – Head of ICU Canberra Hospital