Led Treatment is important in regenerative medicine. The concept of regenerative medicine is relatively new andBBB_woman2 has great potential. Therapy is the physiological regeneration of a process in which tissue repair occurs under normal conditions, and not in response to an injury.


Collagen and Elastin are produced in cells called Fibroblasts, inside these cells is a smaller cellular structure called Mitochondria.


Mitochondria are responsible for converting nutrients into an energy carrier known scientifically as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP fuels the cell’s activities; it basically gives the cells the needed energy to do their job. This is the reason Mitochondria are frequently referred to as the powerhouse of the cell.


The LED Light Therapy sends light rays into the Fibroblast cells, which in turn excite the Mitochondria into producing in some cases up to 10 times more ATP. This fuels the cell’s activities, which causes more of the needed Collagen and Elastin to be produced, as well as other needed materials for the skin.

The Collagen plumps up the skin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles while the Elastin helps to firm skin that has begun to sag. The results are cumulative. The skin of the body has the greatest range of morphological variation. Skin supplements vary in diameter, length, shape, color, texture and tone. Treatment is essential to preserve the physiological regeneration of the skin.


The benefits are:

  • Non-invasive, immediate, cumulative and long-term results with no adverse side effects or down time.
  • After the first treatment the skin feels firmer and tighter, with a plumping and softening of the lines and wrinkles.
  • With regular use increased ATP production cumulatively improves elasticity and firmness.



How long before you can see results?

Most people will see immediate results. After the first treatment the skin feels tighter & more alive. Many factors will determine the rate of change in your skin, such as diet, physical health, alcohol and smoking. However, stable & long term visible changes for every type of skin are usually achieved in 3 -10 treatments,you will be prescribed treatment protocols by your physician.


Can I use the Bed in conjunction with other treatments?

Absolutely! In fact it is recommended that the Body Boost Bed be introduced as part of every skin care and treatment regime to enhance results. The incorporation of Body Boost Therapy will minimise the side effects or downtime that usually result from invasive skin treatments. Fantastic prior to and after Peels, Microdermabrasion, IPL, all surgical procedures etc.