Migraines & Chronic Muscle Pain

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I am 23 years old and for the last few years I have suffered from a range of health problems. The biggest of these were severe migraines and muscle pain in my neck due to a muscle spasm I had from an old injury. I was taking painkillers on a daily basis for years just to be able to make it through the day. My head constantly felt heavy and was difficult to hold up especially while I was at work as I sit at a computer for 8 hours a day. I even had trouble laying down and sleeping, as I could never get in a comfortable position where I had no pain. I had tried everything to ease the pain but was only getting temporary relief, within weeks the pain would be back. Doctors just kept telling me to see a Physiotherapist that they would be able to fix the problem. I was having sessions at my physio every 4 weeks but really needed them every 2 weeks, which I could not afford. I went through numerous different Doctors and Physios but none could give me any kind of permanent solution, which was causing me a lot of stress.

I also had a swollen lymph node for the past two years, and as a result I would get pain down the left side of neck. My Doctor could not tell me why this was swollen, they would just say to give it time and it would go down. I started using the body boost bed just over a month ago and after my second session in the bed I was already noticing results! Within only a couple of days I had a lot more movement in my neck, and my muscle spasm was less noticeable. I have now had 8 sessions and I cannot believe the results I have had. I no longer have any muscle pain or spasm in my neck. My lymph node had gone down completely. I have not had a migraine or headache of any sort in 2 weeks!! Before using the body boost bed I had mild asthma, my breathing has improved considerably and rarely require the use of my inhaler anymore. The blemishes and scarring on my face from struggling with acne have lightened and my overall complexion has improved! My energy levels are higher. I used to get Eczema on my hands and fingers but I no longer have any.

I cannot recommend the body boost bed highly enough!! I have had AMAZING results in such a short amount of time!