The Following Testimonial is Sharon’s Story of her Amazing Journey with the Body Boost Bed…

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I started going to Body Boost Bed as I originally purchased two 30-minute sessions on the Internet. However after the very first session I noticed instant changes in my body.

While I was lying on the bed, within the first 10 minutes I felt slight tingling sensations throughout my fingers, feet, face & thighs. It was a very faint tingling but enough to know that something was happening to me.  This may scare some people although I must say & make you aware that this was a very relaxing feeling & did not freak me out in any way.

It simply felt like my body was flowing with goodness. It is hard to explain & I know we are all different & we all react in different ways however this is what I felt & I did not want it to stop. After 15 minutes I felt really awake & alert. When the session ended & I got up off the bed & I noticed how lightweight my body felt. It almost felt like I was walking on air. So after my 2ND session I wanted to purchase more so I brought a year’s worth of 30-minute sessions & must say it was money & time worth spending.

Now I was told that I would fall asleep during my sessions however this did not happen for the first 5 sessions. Although every session after that I would fall asleep within the first 5 minutes & awake just before the bed would beep & turn off.The main reason I brought a year supply was not only because it made me feel on top of the world. It also had other positives about it too.

Both my feet had bones broken & screwed back together in 2009 & because the surgeons formed the wrong procedure my feet were left with extreme pain & constant suffering.  I had tried so many different things & nothing would help ease the pain I had to deal with.  I had to cut my hours at work from doing 40-60 hours a week to only being able to do 25-30 hours per week. I was unable to swim, cycle & walk & definitely could not skip, jump or kick a ball anymore, until of course I found the Body Boost Bed. It changed my whole attitude towards everything. Finally I found something that rid the pain & now I can skip to work in fact I cycle to work & have also managed to get my motorcycle license as well. As when I originally went for my motorcycle license I was unable to pass because of the pain it caused my feet.

I also noticed I spent the whole year not getting sick or having a cold or flu like I normally would around the beginning of winter.  I was so happy with it that I purchased some sessions for my partner as he broke his ankle & he noticed after two sessions the pain had gone however he only did 2 sessions & now the pain has come back so I do remind him of the Boost Bed constantly as I know he too was impressed & he should follow up on more appointments.

I also noticed my cellulite appearance was disappearing & my skin was also looking younger too.  With the help from some of the fantastic Centella Treatment Gel they have for purchase as well.  Which is great considering I am 43 this year.

I had scarring on my right leg from a car accident in 1996 & scarring from my feet operations. They have faded so much you would not even know they were there unless I pointed them out.

And just to top it all off after my year of sessions I decided to take a holiday & within 11 weeks I travelled to Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Paris and New Zealand. As you can imagine I did a lot of hiking & adventurous activities, which I know I would not have been able to do with out the help from The Body Boost Bed.

I have taken the time into writing this letter as I need other people with similar issues to understand & realise that it does work. I want to get people to understand my situation & know that it is simply a miracle.

So if you are considering the Body Boost Bed I highly recommend it. It has honestly changed my life & I am back to living a normal life again with some added bonuses thrown in. Please… if you’re in pain or have scarring or skin issues this bed may be just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you to all the Body Boost Team for giving me another chance.

Kindest Regards