Light is Life… And we just don’t get enough of it anymore!

The energy we receive from light is one of the most fundamental elements required for life on earth – along with Air, Water and Nutrients.
The ‘Body Boost Bed’ Full Body LED Light System –has been developed by the most advanced Australian engineers for this specific purpose, and is now helping people all over the world by providing the additional light energy that their bodies are missing to naturally support and assist them.
Just as we now supplement the vitamins and minerals, which are no longer so prevalent in our food sources to support good health and wellbeing in our lives, so too do we need to supplement the light energy that our bodies don’t naturally receive anymore. We now even exercise indoors!
The ‘Body Boost Bed’ Full Body LED Light system is suitable for all skin types! With the ‘Body Boost Bed’ you can now offer a complete “head to toe” rejuvenation system for your clients.  Add a whole new dimension to your Business’ reputation.

The ‘BODY BOOST BED’ for Your Body…

The “Body Boost Bed” Rejuvenates , Re-vitalises and Energises your entire body from had to toe, utilising strategically placed LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) consisting of red, blue and infra-red, as well as a unique multi-frequency system. The bed is 3 dimensional and has no thermal download (No Heat) and is suitable for all skin types.
NOTE: With the ‘Body Boost Bed’ there is NO ROOM for HUMAN ERROR.

The light produced by LED’s provides essential energy to the entire body.