Photons (light) control everything in the cell…

Photon’s switch on the body’s processors, like an orchestra conductor bringing each individual instrument into the collective sound. At different frequencies, they perform different functions.
Molecules in the cells respond to certain frequencies, and a range of vibrations from the photons (light) caused a variety of frequencies in other molecules of the body.
“There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule that’s reacting is excited by a photon (light)… Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions…
” We are swimming in an ocean of Light.”


 The discovery that cells control all their bio-energetic processes by producing light was the key to a whole set of new realisations in bio-physics. In this way one could explain the intensive healing reactions, which had been observed at the start of light therapy. The modern light therapy machines are much more effective than those from 30 years ago.

The discovery of the enormous healing effects of bio-energetic therapies will change medicine within a few years. This revolution is not to be stopped. There is no need for monstrous devices or mysterious techniques. With Body Boost Bed you can already use the methods that will be in regular use in the next few years. LED light therapy will be used as frequently as, and replace many of, today’s medications.
We can measure living cells ability to produce light independently by themselves. If cells produce light then the importance of light cannot be underestimated. Here we have the biophysical proof and confirmation for the success of light therapy. Bio photon radiation of cells is identical with this light which we call LED light. The LED light that nature invented long before humans discovered it.
The light in our cells develop in the cell nucleus within the DNA. The cells transform the bio-chemical energy from metabolic processes into photons (ATP>ADP>ATP).

These photons are of the same quality as the light we call LED today…

The light produced by the cells appears to transport information (bio-energetic communication) from the cell nucleus to other components of the cell. One can compare this to the control of the body organs by the brain.
For the control of the cell functions nature uses, probably for security reasons, the fastest and most effective information transmitter, which is the most safe and resistant against interference: the light! It spreads 300,000 km per second without needing any power lines or other mediums. Nature has operated this way since the beginning by using the most ideal way of communication it can possibly offer us.

Coincidence? Certainly not!

We should now apply this knowledge to help wherever there is any disturbed health. The technique for this has been used for a long time. Light therapy has been applied by holistic therapists, physicians and naturopaths for quite some years. The recently developed soft laser technology permits the treatments of many different health problems effectively and without side effects. The application is very easy.
Based on the recognition that all the cells need photons for internal control, much can be accomplished. It is enough to only irradiate areas around the sick part, but rather the entire Body including the healthy cells.

The Full Body LED Light Therapy System

that is the ‘Body Boost Bed’, suits this kind of treatment best with 6750 strategically placed LED diodes and a unique Multi-Frequency System, making it the largest LED Light Therapy equipment available on the world market.