Unique Multi Frequency Pulsed Light Technology offers numerous potential benefits:

Penetration depth – Pulsed light penetrate more deeply into tissue than CW (continuous wave) with the same average power density (irradiance) of applied LED light

Less tissue heating – Pulsed light has been shown to cause no measurable change in the temperature of the irradiated area for the same delivered energy density compering to CW

Full body application of LED light allows:

Reduction of power of the applied LED light and prevention of possibility of undesirable effects of phototherapy on the organism with the same therapeutic effect

The possibility of illuminating of a larger area for a longer period of time, which exploits the systemic effect of surrounding healthy tissue activity. With the Body Boost Bed, the entire area around the damaged part of the body can be irradiated (absorb energy), including the healthy cells. This will produce secondary irradiation. Scientific results confirm the amazingly positive outcome: the greater the area of irradiated healthy tissue surrounding the affected part, the more effective and stable are the results of the treatment. In this way, various conditions and organs can be reached and dealt with in an even more effective way.

Respect of principles of the “Arndt-Schulz” law and “biphasic dose response” in order to provide systemic (holistic) treatment of diseases and prevention of possibility of undesirable effects of phototherapy on the organism.

The Body Boost Bed device is fully automated with a touch screen above the patient allowing easy device management, minimizing medical staff engagement throughout therapy application.

It is designed with a Contoured Base for maximum easy access and enables patients with in a different health states to slide easily in and out of the Body Boost Bed unassisted