How does the Body Boost Bed work?

The reason we age is because our cell activity decreases, as we get older and the skin thus loses its elasticity, we lose muscle tone as every cell of our body slows down. We find it harder to lose weight due to our metabolism slowing, our eyesight is affected and all our internal workings slow down.

The Body Boost Bed reactivates all the cells in our body to start working properly. Our metabolism increases, lymphatic’s & circulation improves, and healing rate increases as well as reactivating your skin’s collagen, elastin and increases hydration of the skin. Your muscle tone increases and your skin firms.

Will Body Boost help me?
Body Boost Bed is truly safe and extremely effective for a variety of conditions and is suitable for all ages. If you are sick, injured, aging or just care about your overall wellbeing than you need Body Boost.

LED’s of the ‘Body Boost Bed’…

The ‘Body Boost’ Bed is a full Body Bed, utilises 6750  LED diodes (blue, red & niar-infra-red). These colours are known as wavelengths. Due to the high quality of the LED’s they have a life span of up to 25 years!

Blue – 470 nm:

Red – 630 nm:

Infrared – 940 nm:

Welltherm preheating function…

The comfort that BBB therapy customers are familiar with is the pleasant warmth that comes from the Welltherm technology that is installed in the Bed. With a warm airflow, Welltherm ensures a pleasant feeling in the phases leading up to and at the start of the Body Boost anti-aging treatment.

Multi-Frequency Technology…

Why the Body Boost Bed is a breakthrough in LED Light Therapy technology

The ‘Body Boost’ Bed is a full Body Bed, utilises 6750  LED diodes (blue, red & infra-red) at the same time, sweeping through multi (many) frequencies simultaneously with all the parameters pre-set for optimum treatment. Using the ‘Body Boost’ Bed, clinicians can shorten the therapy time and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

The discovery of the Multi-frequency Spectrum was a significant advance in LED Light Therapy. It made it possible to activate all the cells in the area under treatment with their own unique frequencies. Each cell receives individual stimulation at a frequency that creates resonance and integrates the energy of the LED with that of the body. It’s the most effective way to activate the cells without producing side effects. Every single cell in an organism has a specific function. That is why cells have different sizes, shapes and chemical characteristics. The multitude of chemical reactions within every cell creates different vibrations that make the cell unique and determine its reaction to a specific stimulus.

All cells react to stimulation. However, stimulation by an energy source such as a LED is most effective when it is applied at the specific frequency appropriate to the cell in question. This is known as energetic connection by way of resonance. Every cell has its own frequency and reacts only to stimulation by that frequency. Other frequencies can by applied to that cell and have absolutely no effect.

For successful therapy, all the cells need to be energetically stimulated. For that to happen, you need a method that transmits all the frequencies at the same time and with the same quantity of energy.

A method was developed that resulted in the maximum bioactivity of laser beams and the simultaneous transmission of all the necessary frequencies. This system is the Multi-frequency Modulation Program (MFS), also known as the Multi-frequency Spectrum. The extremely positive results of MFS have been reported and confirmed world-wide.

Multi-frequency covers the entire bio-frequency spectrum and spans from 12.2Hz to 142857Hz. (Body Boost Beds unique multifrequency spans from 12.2Hz to 142857Hz). It sweeps through the entire frequency spectrum with the same intensity. In this way it activates every cell to absorb the energy (light) on its own frequency.

Each cell will be receptive only to its individual frequency from the Multifrequency spectrum. The result is the optimum activation of the cell membrane and oxygen supply. This, in turn, results in the dramatic increase in immunity (resistance) in the entire body area exposed to the treatment.

With the ‘Body Boost’ Bed, the entire area around the damaged part of the body can be irradiated (absorb energy), including the healthy cells. This will produce secondary irradiation. Scientific results confirm the amazingly positive outcome: the greater the area of irradiated healthy tissue surrounding the affected part, the more effective and stable are the results of the treatment. In this way, various conditions and organs can be reached and dealt with in an even more effective way.

Advantages of BBB Therapy…

  • Unique Multi Frequency Technology
  • Full Body Therapy
  • Right power on a larger surface – Better results of treatment because of “Biphasic dose response”, 3 J/cm2  dose or radiant exposure
  • The Body Boost Bed is fully automated with a touch screen above the patient for easy access
  • It is designed with a Contoured Base for maximum comfort and enables patients to slide easily in and out of the Bed unassisted (therefore it is not concave)