The Body Boost Bed is a four dimensional LED Light System for the entire body… from head to toe!
Fully automated, with climate control and touch screen surround sound for maximum comfort and complete relaxation.

The reason we age is because our cell activity decreases, as we get older and the skin thus loses its elasticity, we lose muscle tone as every cell of our body slows down. We find it harder to lose weight due to our metabolism slowing. Read More

Prof. Dr Vujadin M. Mujovic 

He has published and announced more than 550 scientific papers in monographs, national and international journals. He gave several lectures by invitation at medical schools in the United States…

The World First, ‘Body Boost Bed’

Full Body LED Light System & Wellness Capsule

‘Body Boost Bed’ Owner Testimonial:

The bed has lived up to the scientific predictions. All our clients have experienced enhanced wellness and just about all of them are keeping up weekly seassons. All the staff uses it and I like the return on investment – especially as it requires no labour, except sanitising after each client visit.

Kind regards,
Lesley Morgan-Wesson

“The most innovative LED Light System worldwide!”

Modern design for Prestigious Clinics, Medi-Spas, Day-Spas, Resorts, Home Use, Gyms, Hotels & Cruise Ships.

LED Light System for the Full Body!

CE Certified

The Body Boost Bed passes the most stringent safety regulations and has the CE quality mark. The Body Boost Bed is carefully developed in accordance with the latest standards.

Australian Design

The bed was developed for the aesthetic market to enable clinics to provide their clients with a complete wellness experience.
An Australian couple who have worked in the aesthetic industry for over 20 years developed the Body Boost Bed to provide a more comprehensive and effective system for their clients.
From clients’ testimonials and the results achieved, the clients then asked if the Body Boost Bed could be made available to their family and friends nation wide. Overseas clients, that had used the bed whilst visiting Australia, were so happy with their subsequent results that they requested global distribution.

Disclaimer:Body Boost Bed is not a medical device. Use only as directed. Individual results may vary. This system is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease, nor are any claims made. These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA.